Jewish Provocation in Aryan Terrorism

Lyrics Jewish Provocation in Aryan Terrorism

Jewish Provocation
Jewish Provocation

They, who're buying the world
Their moral-moral of false
Like a locust they devour our souls
And sell them into jehovah's slavery

But we are not humble people!
Or have we forgotten our kin?
Revenge! for our aryan fathers!
The great power fed only by wolfish

When our eyes gaze into our sky
They see only darkness
Our sun was stolen by the jews
Our starts were sold by the price of dirt

Yet our hands can hold the weapon
Our fathers learnt us this art
Let's return our past honour
Dethrone the false "masters"!

White race, take a look-
Here comes our dawn!

Now bars can't hold our wraith!
No fear of death-
We're guided by our grey-haired father-gods

Jehovah, look how we kill your children!
But you will see nothing
You will do nothing
Because you're just an invention
You're a lie
A jewish provocation

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