Story By Common in Big Sean

Lyrics Story By Common in Big Sean

Story By Common
Story By Common

Ye warrup it's Common right here
Y'all know where I come from and uh
Shit I used to go to the D
I used to go to Detroit like every two weeks
To record with J dilla
I be standing there at Denny and
And then he come scoop me up
He had arranged
We eat at the Cony island
Coast to east , east way round magnif'
We go down his basement and stuff
And check through the records so he can make a beat
And once he make a beat , yo that beat cold nigga
I just sit there and Frank,Frank would be around
And you know and we'z be kicking it
I be gettin' so high in this stuff
And then they we go top of the city to the strip club
I went on to the strip clubs all the time so I'm like yo
I just be like,I just sit there like I'm about to write this rap
Then one time I'm like man I'm going to the strip club
One time I went to the club, and man they had some good chicken wings
And they had some good D girls, and it was right
Anyway I love the D man we used to kick it off in the D

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